What’s New in HTML5

August 3rd, 2011 by Mike Wilcox

If you live in the DFW area and you’re not coming to our meetings, you’re missing out! These aren’t “user groups” per se, but more like a get together where we cut up and have fun. Last night’s was an especially good time. Then we do the after-party at the bar!

The Ajax News was not recorded this time, but it was based on existing presentations from Google IO. The latest and greatest in HTML5 have landed in the Google-backed Chrome, which has surpassed the Apple-backed Safari as the browser introducing the most cutting edge features. Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera better put it in high gear if they want to keep up.



NOTE: These presentations must be run in Google Chrome 12+. Also, you may need to enable some features, like audio in the about:flags.

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One Response to “What’s New in HTML5”

  1. Ton says:

    I tried enabling web audio from Chrome 13 on the about:flags page and it didn’t work. If you’re on a Windows machine you’ll need Chrome 14 for audio, which at this time can be found on the beta channel.