The Fight Over HTML5

Are the rumors greatly exaggerated or is HTML5 is dead? What about that logo?

March 1st, 2011 — by Mike Wilcox
Are we to refer to it as “HTML5″ as the WC3 says or “HTML” as the WHATWG says? If it’s HTML5, when will it be ready? If it’s HTML, how can we work to a specification with no version number? A little insight into standards bodies bickering and politics.

You can also view the presentation here.

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3 Responses to “The Fight Over HTML5”

  1. […] video for my high-energy presentation on the Fight Over HTML5 is now posted. You can see it here. The presentation is already online and you can see that here. Help us spread the […]

  2. […] ett par dagar sedan publicerade Club Ajax ett föredrag om hur de upplever W3C och utvecklingen av HTML. Ett tankvärt inlägg i debatten för oss www-nördar som inte har […]

  3. Cooter says:

    Excellent. I keep up with ClubAjax from Alaska (state govvie) and enjoy the perspective/knowledge.



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