Rapid Front End Development using Dojo and Dijit

December 9th, 2010 — by Mike Wilcox
This is a video I created a few months back for an online conference. The date in the video is different because I needed to let time elapse before I could post it.

In the video, I create a simple application in real-time. I try to keep it fast paced so it stays interesting. The primary focus is on Dojo and widgets that are most widely used in creating web apps. While the app itself that I’m building is a MacGuffin, it’s a pattern that I really believe in and feel is very important. Web apps can be roughed in very quickly, after which details and APIs can be put in place.

I even show my technique for creating a “dev build” — by placing all of the dojo.requires in one file and all of my application requires in another, I can easily create a build of just the Dojo code while loading my individual app files. Any changes to the Dojo build simply requires a quick re-build. This way, the time to refresh the web page is greatly reduced and makes for better development.

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5 Responses to “Rapid Front End Development using Dojo and Dijit”

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  2. Very awesome! The manual, and other resources I have seen, make understanding this topic a daunting exercise, but you have made it straightforward and very easy. I definitely feel capable of creating my own reusable widgets the next time the need arises. I also appreciate it being presented in a live coding format, as it’s nice to see the common mistakes that are easily made, even by someone of your abilities. Even better, is seeing and hearing your approach to how you resolve them. Invaluable information.

    For others watching the video, around time marker 36:00, and lasting for about :30 seconds, the audio does a weird ‘looping’ thing that does clear up.

  3. sri says:

    Excellent!!- Simple and effective live coding demo for an online conference.
    I am sure whoever is going through the video feels it is very simple and nice to start using dojo.

  4. Very useful for Dojo 1.6. This gave me all I need to know to get started creating widgets and building layers.

    But 1.7 brings changes which means that you have to understand what you’re doing in order to upgrade successfully, which is where my small amount of knowledge causes a problem. Are you planning to record a new version of this for 1.7? You would help a lot of people.

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