HTML5 Video and Canvas Code Along

HTML5 Video and Canvas Code Along
May 3rd, 2011 — by Donald Smith

Fun examples with video and canvas including Chroma Key effect and backdrop mood lighting. We will work with the raw pixel data and show some interesting manipulations. We will discuss the speed and power available to us now in JavaScript and what that means for the future.

Here are the files used in the presentation (Firefox only – all other browsers at your own risk):
Black and White
And the JavaScript:
Black And White

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3 Responses to “HTML5 Video and Canvas Code Along”

  1. […] pixels, creating some simple special effects. The group was very impressed at this functionality. VIDEO HERE. Demo files […]

  2. gnuzoo says:

    This does not work in FireFox 3. It does work in FireFox 4.

  3. Mike Wilcox says:

    What doesn’t work? The demos? If so, that’s good to know.

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