How to Build Ajax Apps

January 4th, 2011 — by Mike Wilcox
The Basics, Advanced, Q&A. Code demonstrations on how to build Ajax apps

I hope the title didn’t misrepresent this video, but judging by the analytics I fear I may have. We talk about OO CSS and some HTML5 Video, but basically it’s a pot luck meeting.

If you are interested in Dojo, I did do a video that I hope answers your search, where I show how to build an Ajax App: Rapid Front End Development using Dojo.

This was a bit of an experiment. I used Screenflow to capture my desktop along with a video of me. This looks like it should be more engaging than the long-distance, static camera. But please – let me know if you like this format or not. It was not difficult to do, so if it’s liked, I’ll continue it.

This was a loosely structured presentation, and I went with what the audience wanted to talk about. Therefore, the main topics covered were:

  • CSS organizing, and OO-CSS concepts
  • HTML5 Video Player with custom JavaScript

And then we also touched upon:

  • JavaScript organizing, namespacing
  • Simple Builds (minification) using Shrinksafe (Like Google Closure)
  • A look at existing app structures
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