Turns out JavaScript Really is a Toy

April 1st, 2010 by Mike Wilcox

Bob and I have been studying JavaScript for years, we’ve started this website and user group, and we’ve even gone to conferences to evangelize the language. However, after doing the research for my RIA post, I’ve come to the realization…

JavaScript really is a toy.

It’s just a scripting language, it’s not compiled. There’s no strict typing. Hell – everything is a hash map! It doesn’t even have classical inheritance. You’re not supposed to write code with a prototype, that’s something you see at a car show.

I mean, just LOOK at this language. Who writes crap like this?

var ef="65#112#114#105#108#32#70#111#111#108#115#33";
(function ima(t,o,y) {
	var s = "";
	for(i=0; i < a.length; i++) {
	return s;

And we’re supposed to take this seriously? Where are the Interfaces? How do I know what function to call without an Interface? And there’s no privates – I don’t like my privates being public! If none of my properties are private, that means I will use them even when I shouldn’t. I can’t believe this language doesn’t prevent me from doing that to myself.

From now on – nothing but Java Applets for my image rollovers.

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3 Responses to “Turns out JavaScript Really is a Toy”

  1. Donald Smith says:

    I would write a comment, but when Oracle bought Sun they lost the keys to my handcuffs.

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