The IE6 Death Clock Keeps Ticking

July 13th, 2010 by Mike Wilcox

WIth the death of XP naturally brings the death of IE6. As shown on the Windows XP Home Page, XP Service Pack 2 support ends today. Even more relevant, the sale of Windows XP ends October 22, 2010.

I know. I didn’t know they were still selling that thing either.

Unfortunately, they are going to continue the support of Service Pack 3 another 4 years until April 2014, but don’t sweat it, because SP3 is in the extended support phase, meaning that MS will continue to release hot fixes, and otherwise, any support must be paid for. Especially after October it will be painfully obvious that anyone continuing to use XP is using a very outdated, deprecated system.

Here are the monthly stats from StatCounter. IE6 has continued to drop from 4.74% in May to 4.19% in July, which ties Safari!

With all the focus on the death of IE6 though, the death of IE7 shouldn’t be neglected. IE8 doesn’t have any cool features like rounded corners or the canvas tag, but it is Acid 2 compliant, and a majority of the most annoying bugs are fixed. I still use IE7 for testing, because it more closely resembles IE6 than it does IE8. That said, IE7 is dropping at a rate of almost a percentage point per month, going from 16.64% in May to 14.76% in July.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Version Market Share

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