The Great Semicolon Debate

May 1st 2012 — by Mike Wilcox

A not-so serious look at the semicolon debate sparked by the bug in Twitter’s bootstrap and JSMin

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4 Responses to “The Great Semicolon Debate”

  1. TheIrishman says:

    No! No! No!

    They are NOT required in CSS. They are ONLY needed BETWEEN css statements:

    “color:#ffaa00” is ok. And no semi-colon in sight!?!

    “color:#ffaa00; position: absolute” With a semi colon BETWEEN css terms! That IS required!

    var, return, break, and continue DO NOT require semi colons in ASI! WTF? Sorry dude, but have you EVER coded JS???

    These are ALL good!

    if(a==b) return

    if(i==2) return

    var i=0, j=1, k=2

    AND NO semi (bloody) semi-colons! (except inside the 'for' def!)

    Dude!!! where do you get your info from!!!!

    Semis are ONLY ***EVER*** required in JS in a for loop def "for(…,:…;…)

    And (Sorry!!!), but for me, this is the ***ONLY*** place they should be used!!!!!!!

    Leave semis for this!

    And for every other use, use a bloody CR/LF. Code for readability, and leave the code nazis to w*nk over their "limp biscuit"!!!

    God, do I hate dudes that do not know their arse from their elbow.

    The( very irate )Irishman

  2. TheIrishman says:


    JSLint is for whiney, silly, little girls! ‘Girls’ who eat ‘quiche!, ISO coding! (My name is Mr. D. Crockford! and I am a crock of …., fill in the blank!?!)

    Sorry, but real programmers eat a *full* Irish breakfast!

    And then belch!

    So, sod off to all the quiche eating, Nazi loving, Yankee-ass kissing, weak willed, surrender monkeys!

    TheIrishman says that he agrees when Frankie says, “Grow the f*ck up!” ;-)))))))))

  3. TheIrishman says:

    TheIrishman’s definitive guide to semi-colon exclusion: “Including semi-colons is not good programming practice! You should get in the habit of refusing them!

    Brendan Eich designed ***new line terminators*** quite consciously, and they will not break even in strict mode (**I** have tested that)


    So, even Mr Flanagan accepts that ASI works! And is consistent! So, why are you still stuffing in *dumb* bloody semi colons for no reason?????

    Oh, I know, to make your code look really, really ugly. OK, got it now! Now I *understand*.


  4. Mike Wilcox says:

    I think you completely missed the point.

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