Special Guest Speaker Dion Hinchcliffe

April 6th, 2010 — by Dion Hinchcliffe

We are very honored to announce the speaker of our next meeting, Dion Hinchcliffe, the renown spokesman for Web 2.0 technologies.

Open APIs: How They Are Revolutionizing RIA and the Web

While developers and end-users sometimes focus on the visual features of RIA, one of the key underlying aspects required to make Ajax, Flash, and other models for rich Web applications work is quietly remaking the way we use and consume the Internet. Known as Web APIs, few major new Web apps are released today without an online programmable interface. Their potential to instantly create a new developer ecosystem is compelling in the same way that Apple’s iPhone APIs and the App Store has been for the mobile space or Twitter’s API is in terms of driving widespread adoption (10 times more use comes through the Twitter API than the rich interface on the Web site). Consequently, the Web API world is moving faster than ever and turns out to dovetail almost perfectly with the world of RIA and its corresponding need for a Web-based developer interface to online services. This talk will explore Web APIs in detail, how to make them work both technically and from a digital strategy perspective, and will put them clearly into perspective in the world of RIA and Ajax.


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