REST and WebSockets

March 6th, 2012 — by Donald Smith

A recent web article brought up the idea that the new cool technology of WebSockets might overshadow our beloved RESTful architectural style. This presentation will help explain what each of these are as well as how they provide solutions to different problems.

Also, a few a demos of WebSockets in action!

Donald SmithDonald Smith is a Senior Software Engineer at Argo Data Resource Corporation.

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2 Responses to “REST and WebSockets”

  1. Michael Sparks says:

    I enjoyed your presentation. Are you going to post the slides and demo code?

  2. Mike Wilcox says:

    I will not be, because what I showed was proprietary. I’m sure Donny can post his code, but it won’t function because CA doesn’t use a Node server – so I’m not sure how valuable it would be.

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