Natural Language Interface to drive JavaScript events

By Marvin Elder — January 8th, 2013
Note the meeting is pushed to the second Tuesday due to the holidays.

InstaFact is a web application that generates facts from targeted databases by using two non-technical user interfaces: drag-drop and Natural Language.

Using the drag-drop UI, the end user can select and filter objects from a ‘conceptualized’ Database Object Tree. The product’s patented Automatic Join algorithms complete the full SQL command and execute it against the target database, rendering the result objects (the desired fact) back to the user’s browser.

The Natural Language UI allows the user to type in (or using a speech-to-text feature, speak) an information request, which is sent via AJAX to the product’s patented semantic Natural Language Understanding (NLU) module, which matches phrases to the conceptualized database objects. The resultant objects sent back to the front end trigger the same drag-drop events that the user would have done with manual drag-drop.

The monthly meeting starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:00. Pizza and the social gathering starts at 6:30.

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