Dojo DX Alias and Player Preview

July 3rd — by Mike Wilcox

Dojo is very powerful, but sometimes it doesn’t provide the easiest ways to do things. The DOM methods have gotten fragmented and confusing, dojo/on expects you to bind everything, and the new parser either swallows syntax errors or throws a page of useless stack information. Mike has created DX-Alias, a library, to smooth them out.

DX-Alias is a utility package for helping to make Dojo and AMD more friendly, with shorter names, more versatile methods, and combined modules. Mike will show examples and demo some code.

Also, get a preview of the beta DX-Media Player written by Mike. DX-Media makes heavy use of DX-Alias, so you can see both in action, as well as see how the new player works.

Bob will do the news.

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