Developing JavaScript applications with no server-side coding using a Backend-as-a-Service platform

By Mark Piller — March 5th, 2013

Application development is fun except when you have to write mostly the same code over and over. Create, retrieve, update delete… multiply it by the number of database tables, add transactions, thread locking and database scaling and the fun is gone. There is a better way which will help you get your application done faster at a fraction of the cost. Backend-as-a-Service platforms enable mobile and desktop developers to focus on the client-side of the applications while providing complete server-side support including persistence, user registration handling, login, logout, publish/subscribe messaging, push notifications and many more facilities. The presentation will illustrate the power of BaaS for developing JavaScript applications using Backendless as an example.

The monthly meeting starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:00. Pizza and the social gathering starts at 6:30.

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