Database Query with a drag-drop UI

April 5th, 2010 — by Marvin Elder

In this presentation, the visual drag-drop user interface will be demonstrated. The Club AJAX member audience, being trained front-end developers, are invited to critique and suggest improvements.

Users of PCs, smart phones and tablet computers want “exact” answers, instead of the thousands of links to documents that regular search engines provide. iTrieve is a new type of “semantic search” app, allowing a user to request information using both Natural Language (semantics) and a simple drag-drop “request specification” to retrieve exact answers from databases. No knowledge of SQL or of database artifacts such as “matching Primary Keys with Foreign Keys” is needed (iTrieve translates the user’s simple request into SQL and produces the joins automatically — its “secret sauce”).

Note: the first product roll-out of iTrieve is imminent and any feedback is very much appreciated.

Marvin Elder is founder and president of Real Time Answers LLC, and is the inventor of iTrieve.

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