IE9 HTML5 Video Doesn’t Work… in VMWare

April 4th, 2011 by Mike Wilcox

So I spent most of the day porting the BetterVideo Player to be able to handle HTML5 video. Only to find out it doesn’t work. What the heck? When trying to set the src attribute or call play method, I would get errors: SCRIPT16385: Not implemented or SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'play': object is null or undefined. A Google search didn’t reveal anything. Then I loaded up the IE9 video codec support demo… and it didn’t work either.

Turns out the problem is that I’m running Windows 7 in a virtual machine, VMware. IE9 doesn’t like this so much:

Running Internet Explorer 9 in a VMware virtual machine
Internet Explorer 9 always uses software rendering in a VMWare virtual machine. This is due to a code bug in Internet Explorer introduced by recent changes in the rendering engine. The Internet Explorer team will be addressing this in a future update.

Awesome. These big, bad GPU advancements that IE has made don’t work for me. I work in a video company, and I can’t see video. Yes, I’m griping, but I also wanted to post a blog so other people with the same problem will hopefully find this information more easily than I did.

I will give the IE team a pass though, because they implemented the WebM codec a few weeks ago. Something I originally missed, but something that’s a pretty big deal.

Now I need to go find a PC with Windows 7 installed on it…

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One Response to “IE9 HTML5 Video Doesn’t Work… in VMWare”

  1. matt says:

    same boat. thank god i ran across your post, i just spent hours developing a html5 multiplayer did one update on vmware and bam, my vids stopped working in IE9.

    now who to go after for a gripe fest