HTML5 is Dead

January 20th, 2011 by Mike Wilcox

html5 is dead
You read that right. One day after the W3C’s earth-shaking announcement to brand HTML5 with a new logo… The WHATWG announces that HTML5 will no longer exist. Hey, Ian Hickson says that the WHATWG works closely with the W3C — but now I have to wonder.

Okay, I’ll stop scaring you. More accurately the phrase should be “HTML5 is dead, long live HTML” or as Ian Hickson puts it, “HTML is the New HTML5”. To be less dramatic, they are dropping the versioning to HTML. All the efforts of HTML5 will continue as before, but under the umbrella of HTML. This does make sense, as HTML5 was always intended to be the “last” version of HTML. The HTML specification will now be a living document that will always be in a state of flux. That’s pretty much how it’s been anyway, so no real change for developers there. And it drops that silly last call for features in 2012. What was supposed to happen at last call? “Bartender, I’d like to jam in three haphazard features before 2:00 please.” No! According to Molly Holzschlag features would still be accepted! And then there’s that whole “It will be finished in 2022” thing that Flex developers just love to quote when they tell young new devs which way their career should go. Ah, the wonderful world of standards.

But is it wrong to be selfish about this announcement and not like the news? This is my career we are talking about here, and frankly, it’s been riding high on the buzzwords of AJAX and HTML5. Don’t mistake that for shallowness; I treat and study my field seriously, and in spite of the economy, I’m not left wanting for opportunities. But honestly, would JavaScript be where it is today without the AJAX buzz? How often do you see someone looking for an “HTML developer”? No, I’m not happy about this announcement at all. I know “Hixie” is doing what is the next logical step, but HTML5 is currently more than a buzz, it’s a tidal wave. It’s inevitable that something will come along in the next few years and unseat it as the next big thing, but why hurry it along? I think the logic is misguided.

So the career trajectory goes: HTML, Flash, AJAX, HTML5, HTML. What will the next buzz be? How about Social Media? Well… back to working on HTML Video. (Yeah, see? No ring to that.)

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6 Responses to “HTML5 is Dead”

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  2. Mike Finney says:

    Adoption of a technology is linked to how easy it is to google it. “HTML”

  3. HTML5 is silly. It is such a tool for media/advertising lobbyists. There are actual uses and intentions for the web/HTML other than media and advertising, shocking as this may be. Even more absent minded is that HTML5 seems to somewhat forget what markup languages are intended to achieve when striving to so hard to achieve that brilliantly blinding beacon of golden shining happiness that is media and advertising.

  4. Mike Wilcox says:

    Austin, it sounds to me like you’re describing Flash. Advertisers like that simply packaged SWF, and media moguls don’t like that HTML5 video lacks DRM.

  5. Connor says:

    Pretty cool. I just read this at my web design club at my high school.

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