HCI Breakthrough: No More Keyboards!

April 1st, 2012 by Mike Wilcox

First we had keyboards, then we had a mouse, then we had a stylus, then we had touchscreens. Now… none of the above!

Built by Rapiscan, thanks to help from from a six billion grant from the federal government, this new, simple device uses a completely unobtrusive set of electronic sensors that detects the slightest shift in brain activity and translates it into alphanumeric data.

The futuristic technology is on display in the following image which depicts a high-end developer writing code by only thinking.

Of course, this technology is brought to you by the same trusted company that builds the trusted and completely safe Backscatter X-Ray machines that are installed in every neighborhood airport. Continuing with that track record of complete safety, the new keyboard-less input device keeps you completely protected with state of the art grounding straps:

The next step for the Rapiscan keyboard-less input? To take your thoughts which may not even be thoughts and translate them into thoughts and then translate that into perfectly legible language.

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