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Club AJAX has Changed!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

As you can see, Club AJAX has a new look. Bob Byron and Mike Wilcox still run the local DFW AJAX User Group, but the website will now be blog-focused to provide more information about AJAX to a wider audience. Our goal is to provide at least one, full-length blog each week, and sprinkle in blog links about the latest events in AJAX news.

In addition to our blog and news, we will provide resources from our monthly Club AJAX user group meetings. Most of the meetings  are recorded and available in the Videos section. Depending on the format, the Presentations themselves will be posted, or linked to if possible. And any code-alongs, demos, or examples will be available in our Examples section.

We’re still porting over the old information and working on new stuff, so check back often, and if you live in the area, come to the meetings! If nothing else you get free pizza provided by one of our many sponsors! And like any other blog, comments are always welcome.