Club AJAX is a site devoted to AJAX and related technologies, such as CSS3 and HTML5, and strives to be the portal for the latest information, news and discussions surrounding all things AJAX.

The DFW Club AJAX User Group was founded by Bob Byron and Mike Wilcox in January 2009. The goal for the group is to gather a community of professionals with like-minded interests — namely AJAX, and everything involved in making great AJAX apps and websites.

Bob Byron

Bob ByronBob Byron works for NeXplore Corporation, a corporation dedicated to radically improve the online experience. He has been using AJAX technology in development of NeXplore’s innovative social search engine. A veteran of client and server side development, Bob has an extensive background in the various techniques involved in bringing an application through the entire life cycle to get it to market.

Bob is a current contributor to the Dojo Toolkit. He has been coding in Java since soon after its release in the mid 1990’s. In 2006, Bob was the President of the Java Metroplex Users Group in Dallas, preceding that by two years as Vice President. He ran the Java Developer’s Group for 5 years bringing bringing the latest techniques and expertise to attendees.

Mike Wilcox

Mike Wilcox, AJAX Expert and Web DeveloperMike Wilcox is Director of Technology at a successful Frisco Texas Startup, BetterVideo, where he is in charge of all front end web development, including JavaScript and Flex. He previously worked as a software engineer for one of the top AJAX companies in the United States, SitePen Inc. and before that at Nexplore Corporation as Project Director where he wrote two patents their search engine.

As a Dojo Toolkit committer, Mike is the key developer for the Deft project that implements Flash components for most of the new multimedia features in DojoX, and the very popular FileUploader.

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