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IE9 HTML5 Tests 99%… BOGUS

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I’m really getting sick of reading how “HTML5 compliant” IE9 is. The IE team keeps pushing their testing chart that shows it passes 99% of the tests while the competitor browsers are no where close.

99% is a load of crap. It’s not close to that.

I stumbled upon this fact because I had just created a new HTML5 Uploader for Dojo (I’ll post a blog on that soon). So naturally, since IE9 is 99% HTML5 compliant it supports multiple file uploads right?

February User Group Meeting – CANCELED!

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Due to sub-zero temperatures, we’ve suffered our first cancellation in the two plus years we’ve existed as a user group. This is a big deal! Sure we don’t have a lot of issues with bad weather (we get one or two freezes a year), but there have been other close calls: The Sun Microsystems building closed on us, and the Rangers had a World Series home game that missed us by one day. But a little weather… BAM! Closed. Okay, it’s not a little. Things don’t look bad because it rained and then the temperature dropped. So we don’t have the usual frozen trees and bushes that make it look like an icy tundra. Just unpassable roads.

We’ll be back on schedule next month. See you all March 1st!

Mike's frozen cars